Co Founder
Co Founder

Kate Austin (International Athelete UK Wales,Dubai,India)

Fitness and people are my passion,helping people achieve their goals is and has been my primary focus throughout my whole career,I truly believe how you make people feel has a huge reflection upon you as a person and I believe it's a huge part of why Iv been so successful in the industry with my fitness classes,clients and facility's that I have opened over the years.

My passion for sport doesn't just lay with work I am also an accomplished athlete and have competed in the UK and USA In my chosen sport of bodybuilding gaining titles such as
Miss Wales.
Heavy weight and Overall champion in the Flex Lewis Classic 2011 in Tennessee USA.
Amateur Olympia Las Vegas womens physqie champion 2018.

Something else I am quite passionate about if anti bullying and was a patron of Stand Against Bullying in Wales and campaign against this kind of behavior regularly.

I have worked within the fitness industry for 24 years starting as an apprentice gym instructor basically cleaning the gym and learning from the instructors more qualified than me  then progressing to becoming a qualified PT and running my own personal training business from there I moved onto eventually owning my own gym one of 4 I eventually opened in my area
I achieved huge success in member generation and retention and also created and sustained some of the most popular  fitness classes in Wales and the UK to date
I then brought my extremely popular trampoline classes to Dubai and was one of the first to make this style of exercise popular in the UAE.

Now I’m bringing all this and more to India.
Including the fitness education sector in 2023.
And I’m very excited to be launching K6 fitness concepts in India very soon including my very popular trampoline and boxing fitness classes,
Along with this we have BRANDS WE TRUST offline/Online supplements stores endorsed and supported by Ronnie Coleman himself,
I will be Managing partner of Fitness Empire Bangalore India.
And now co founder of Science of Nutrition!
I am so excited to bring all my experience and expertise to develop and enhance the fitness industry in India
Taking it and all the companies I am involved with to a new level!!!